Sunday, November 30, 2008

MYP design cycle

The MYP design cycle is a sort of system that helps you do your work certain steps. This system is very useful easy to understand because it shows you the steps of how to do your project.
It starts of at INVESTIGATE followed by PLAN, CREAT and then EVALUATE.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Information technology

Guided  Question
You can communicate when there is a disaster by going on e-mail which delivers the message very fast. For example this can inform people that there is an earthquake coming and it's an emergency, therefore you can do it really fast. However you have to be hoping that they are on the computer to see your e-mail. But there is a solution to this, there are systems such as SKYPE which you can go on the computer and call every type of phone, which solves your problem. You can also use mobile phones , but maybe you don't have signal which means the phone can't call. There are many other systems like FACEBOOK , MY SPACE, FLICKR, MSN (MESSENGER) and YAHOO. These systems help you to communicate, also they are cheaper than mobile phones.

1. Communication is very important during an emergency because there is always something going to go wrong if you don't co-operate. If you communicate you can help each other and the ones around you.

2. Mostly mobile phones and police radios. These were the most used forms, maybe computers.

3. Were the disaster started like in a certain area and were the disaster is going to strike next. You could also communicate to locate were the injured people are.

4. Were the disaster will strike and were to get shelter. You could communicate with other people and tell them the plan. You could tell were the injured people are, were are the danger zones, which buildings have collapsed etc.

5. SKYPE, MSN , FACEBOOK and my space etc. 

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Evaluation and Reflection

This term we worked on making a robot with Lego mind storms. Everything went very well, everything needed was there, the instructions were there. However there were problems, there weren't enough pieces, the programming tower didn't work sometimes and we had big problems trying to programme it. Because the programme wasn't installed for us. Therefore it made it very hard for us and we wasted to much time.
Besides that everything went well like the robot sensors, actuators, engines but the some batteries didn't work well, we had to change them many times. We can improve all this by making a lesson about checking if everything is were it all should be and if everything is fine. Like check if pieces are missing, the engines are working and most important the batteries, because if there are no batteries there is not going to be power which is very important.
In MYP terms the investigate section worked well, because i found robot rules and how they work which turned out to be very useful. We also learned about other robots like the Sony robot and Asimo and how their rules are and how they help us. The Design and Plan also worked very well, because we all had to work in a team and plan everything together. Like i said before we had trouble programming and some pieces were missing which affected our create.
Overall i think everything went ok not perfect because we had the problems which i mentioned above, but it can all improve with the things i mentioned above.

When i make a deal with Mr.Christodoulou i must keep it!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Robotics is all about robots, investigating what they do and what we need them for.

sensors prossesor actuators power
What is a robot?
A robot is made from four simple elements. Sensors, processor, actuators and power.
A robot has to sense what he does. With the sensors below he does what he is programmed to do, following those rules it will act.
Eg. Follow the edge of a table
or stay on the table without falling.
However the robot needs power to move. Like batteries, charge or maybe a battery like a car.
He won't do anything else unless you programme to do it.
The actuators controls evrything that moves in the robot. Wheels, flaps, pullys, gears, engine and that sort of stuff.
There could be more than one sensor in a robot, there could be heat, surface, light and many more that link to that.
An interesting thing is that now they are making robots that can make there own energy by eating things and disgest it, to make energy.
Therefore they could think and live by themselves.
Also now robots can reproduce, by being programmed to make another robot. Cool right?

robot sensors: Line, color, heat, surface, laser, color, person following, light, proximetry, potentiormeter, shape, tilt, sensor and single line.
All these sensors can be used in a robot, they are very useful for a robot so it can act and think by itself. You might think that person following is not real, but it is. It can follow anything that moves or you can programme the other sensors to follow a shape. It can be a person or what ever you want. The other sensors are still very good, however line is very simple and popular.

Sensors: Sences things and sends it to the prossesor.
Prossesor: Decides on what the sensors sence.
Actuators: Acts on what the prossesor decides. E.g moves left, sences a person so follows it etc.
Power: If there is no batteries or anything to do with power the robot won't move. Therefore it needs power.

Robots are very useful to send to places were we can't go. Like mars, we don't know what haapens in Mars and what is there. So instead of sending a human they can sent a robot. Still robots can ruin peoples' life by taking their jobs, like in a car factory etc.

Monday, September 1, 2008

My summer

This summer i haed a lot of fun in Argentina and France. In Argentina they made an international Go-kart track at my home town and i had my go-kart there which ment it was a motorsports holiday. I met all my friends and organized a fishing trip. We went fishing and all i got was a 10cm fish. It was a fun afternoon but sadly not much fish action. In France we went to Disney basicly it was for my little sister but i also had as much as she had. I never thought there would be rides for adults but there was which was kind of surprising.
So my next goal is to go to Argentina and at least race one race in my Go-kart which i did so well this year. I was three seconds away from proffesionals with worn tyres and a normal chasis.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


For our project we chose the E-book. We said we would investigate by researching on websites that talk about this special machine. It was pretty easy to find the information about it like the price was extremely easy to find, however there were different price ranges. Also information like it doesn't waste paper and ink which was great!
The software we used was animoto and voicethread. Both systems were great, however there were some problems. With the Animoto everything was great but the problem was choosing the right music. This is because the programme didn't have so many good tracks however we tried downloading some music but it didn't work. In the end we found the right music and the video was amazingly well made so it was thumbs up! For voicethread we had a major problem we lost all our pictures when putting them into voicethread, therefore we had to find all the pictures again which took a long time, because we didn't save them in our delicious. The other problem was that the microphone wasn't working so well and it didn't work that good so we had to do all of our speeches again. In the end i think all the videos were good specially the Animoto.
Overall i think we did really well because of our information although we could have improved our voicethread.
I think for next year this would be a great project, because you have to look for the information and its really fun doing the video.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How we did our project

Our project was pretty simple. Therefore it doesn't mean it was easy. We had to make a lot of research about the E-book, like how easy it is to handle ,is it better than the other and what differences thay have. For me the most easiest was to make the Animoto because the Animoto is simple and you just have to chose the pictures and the music. The pictures were easy to find and we found more than what we needed, therefore it was achieved. However the Voicethread was pretty hard because when we tried recording our voice we either blew on the microphone or it didn't sound good so we had to experiment a little on the best sound. There was a good idea to put the Animoto into Voicethread because it makes it more exciting in the beggining. Overall i think this project was a great success and we tried our hardest.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Voicethread and Animoto

For the project we have created a presentation on both Animoto and Voicethread.
This has been a success because we could put the Animoto presentation into our Voicethread which gave it a very nice introduction.

This is our presentation

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


  • First we collect pictures

  • Edit the pictures

  • Create animoto

  • Create lesson plan

  • Create voice thread with images and script

  • Write evaluation

This is my plan of how I am going to do my project.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The E-book could be used for English. I think every student should need one, because they are not very expensive and could help students with their home work and in class rather than just sharing. Sharing is okay but if the students need one for home it will be a problem, because they wont have the books. The E-book could add value to the lesson, because it's a new piece of technology and could help the environment by not killing trees.

If a school provides you the E-book and a teacher says read page ...... of the book...... it is very easy to control it and you can write notes and many things.
  • Can read of a machine rather than heavy books
  • Can download any book you want rather than going to a shop to buy a book
  • Can download comics and read during break time or a class(if needed)
  • You don't have to carry heavy books
  • Runs out of battery in a long time
  • It is not very expensive and you can bring to school

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The E-Book is a special type of screen which is for reading, therefore its an electronic book made by Sony. Unlike other books the E-book can download as many books as you want and keep it in its memory. It can download books of around 500pages in seconds or minutes. This very genius machine doesn't waste any ink or paper, which is very good for our environment. This very unique machine is very good to use in class rather than wasting paper you can download every book you need rather than going to the library and searching shelves and carrying big books.
Guess what! the E-book is extremely cheap, its only worth around $100 to $400 max.
To find more information of the E-book: information E-book
To see pictures of the E-book: Pictures E-book
Go to Sony for more information: Sony E-book
To see prices of the E-book on Amazon: Amazon E-book prices

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How I can use iGoogle to support my learning at Qa

Studies: iGoogle helps me with my studies by searching in add stuff, and putting it in my page. Then going on it and look for the stuff i need.
Homework: It is similar like studies but I need to get more information for my subject.
Research: It helps by looking in to the link that i need and read the stuff on it.
Communication: iGoogle helps to communicate by adding comments on the link that i want to. Then the person that i send the comment to can send a reply to me.
Finding websites: If i go to add stuff i can go into a search box and find what i need or i can look in the pages that come.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Technology made my life better!!!

Technology has changed my life!!! and there are many reasons why!. If there was no technology, when i'm bored i would have nothing to do apart from reading and sports, which is really good because i enjoy it a lot, but when i'm tired and i don't feel like doing them I have technology!!
These are some of the great inventions that i own

.1:psp(play station portable) play station portable

2: i have 2 ps2 (play station2) ps2

3: NOKIA 3500 express music(mobile phone) nokia

4: i-pod Nano(mp3) i-pod