Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Major assessment -client meting

In class i have made a web page with i web. I have finished it and i have put six pages in it. My work was excellent to me, because it has basic information about earthquakes and how it works with pictures and videos. Obviously i could make the web much better on design, how ever I have done this myself with no help and if i had a bit of help i could of done much better. I didn't stick to my design as much as i thought i would although it is similar to it to the original one although it is basic. To make this page i think it took me about 7-8 hours of hard work! Overall i think i did incredibly well on this page.
In class i have searched for information like how earthquakes happen, facts about them, tools that are used in earthquakes, pictures, videos, other natural disasters and recent earthquakes that happen around the world. I have searched in website like google and wikipedia. They are not many website but they have lots of information in the,, plus the website that i found on google could of been 3 or 4.

I haven't used much multimedia in this project because i wanted to keep my web page simple with enough information to make it understandable. My web color is black, the multimedia i used is youtube and some pictures i found on the internet. My idea was to keep it simple.
My web page has 6 pages this includes: Homepage
How earthquakes happen
Other natural disasters
Everything worked great with the apple systems i had no problems at all, except the links were working and right now they are not working.
I have to admit that i have no emergency plan and no references except Google and Wikipedia. This is because i lost my delicious password and when i recovered it, it turned out to be the account from last year and i dont have this years work.


I apologize some pictures are not clear, the top left one is igoogle and the top one is igoogle, the second one delicious, the third one is igoogle and then the others(black background) are i web.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Website 1
  • Good website
  • Not busy
  • Good information
  • Easy to understand
  • Well designed
Website 2
  • Lots of information
  • To busy
  • To hard to understand what the website is about
  • To many links
  • Not good design of website (improvement)
Website 3
  • Not busy 
  • Not to many links therefore easy to understand
  • Good website design 
  • Good information 
  • Website includes Pictures with effects
Website 4
  • Not bad website
  • To many links 
  • Kind of busy
  • Famous
  • Good products and information
Overall i think is the best website out of these because the website has a home page with little but good information about what it is. Also involves pictures to show yu what they do.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

MYP It guided questions

A. How can I make use of established and emerging WWW tools to support online publication? 
b. What are the best tools to use for effective communication online? 
C. How can the Internet be used to help a community prepare for and survive a disaster?

1. By using Microsoft word, Microsoft publisher etc. With this we can post online pictures messages and other information. Kind of 
an online newspaper.

2. Skype, Face book, YouTube and my space. This are different ways you can communicate by the internet. You can also go on the internet with mobile phones if you need information.

3. By providing you information to prepare for the disaster. Very importantly when they estimate the disaster will come if it expected, therefore you have a everything prepared and ready for the disaster.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

IT DISASTER questions

Use these questions as a starting point to research:
  1. Why is communication so important during an emergency?
  2. What forms of communication have been used during recent disasters e.g Hurricane Katrina, the Tsunami
  3. What essential information needs to be communicated during a disaster or emergency?
  4. What information can be created before the emergency? What information needs to be communicated during the emergency?
  5. What hardware and software is required to be able to communicate online?

1. Communication is important during an emergency, because if we communicate we share ideas, we all co-operate and work as a team.

2. The internet, and other
 different ways of communicating. But focusing more on internet they used sources like e-mail, facebook , youtube and phone systems like skyp
e. Youtube just shows you videos but you can also
 see videos which have surviving skills. Apart from the internet you can use a TV to watch the news, mobile phones to call poeple and walky talkies.

3. Information like where and when the the tornado, hurricane, earthquake will strike. Therefore we can all share ideas and  think about were you are going to go and what to do nex

4. Before the emergency we need to get information of where and when the the disaster is going to strike. Hopefully we would all be prepeared for the disaster. For example, if you are some kind of fire fighter or life rescuing person and there was a huge wreck and you had to help people, you would tell them to stay in a specific place ,or communicate with your team and victims to find the injured people.
5.  You need a software with enough hardware to go on, 21st centuary technology or late 1990s to go on the internet.