Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our poster questions

Our project is about making a poster about Anti-bullying POSTER. It is an easy and straight forward job. Because all research on bullying and make it into a poster. Then all we have to dois collect pictures and put the poster together, so it looks a bit like this:

I think we did well making this poster, because ours looks a bit like that too:

I think our poster provides good information and examples, therefore it could be very useful for some people.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Bullying is a problem that is all over the world, mostly in kids life. Bullying is when a kid beats up, takes money and annoy other kids. This is tough for some kids and can cause many problems in their life, like depression. This problem is solved by counseling, which is sort of like Psychologist but in school.

These websites are very good in explaining what bullying is and they also provide some games as an example.There are lots of good information in these websites such as: What is bullying, what causes bullying and how you can solve it.

I think this website is the best, in information:
I think this website is very good for kids to understand better:
I think this website is alright but slightly less information:

Website 1.

Website 2.

Website 3.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Finishing my iweb

I have completely finished my iweb, although i have changed some of my pages let me show you them.

They are little changes like rotating pictures, adding pictures and more words.

1.How well does your product work? Does it do everything that you said it would do and does it do it well?
Yes my project worked well and everything i said i put on. Some things were according to the plan.

2.How well did you work at each stage of the design cycle?
I don't think i worked very well on it but i respected it.

3. For the investigation it took me a while to understand how i could do my investigation. Like what do i do, do i just investigate about earthquakes or every kind of disaster.

I think design was very easy because all i had to do was sketch it and then just follow it, although i didn't really follow it that much. However i think everyone has there little changes every now and then.

Like i said the plan was just a sketch of the design of how i was going to do it and then try to follow it as much as i can.

Create was the part were i think i had to work hardest, because i had to look for lots and lots of information, which to be honest... there wasn't much.