Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How I can use iGoogle to support my learning at Qa

Studies: iGoogle helps me with my studies by searching in add stuff, and putting it in my page. Then going on it and look for the stuff i need.
Homework: It is similar like studies but I need to get more information for my subject.
Research: It helps by looking in to the link that i need and read the stuff on it.
Communication: iGoogle helps to communicate by adding comments on the link that i want to. Then the person that i send the comment to can send a reply to me.
Finding websites: If i go to add stuff i can go into a search box and find what i need or i can look in the pages that come.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Technology made my life better!!!

Technology has changed my life!!! and there are many reasons why!. If there was no technology, when i'm bored i would have nothing to do apart from reading and sports, which is really good because i enjoy it a lot, but when i'm tired and i don't feel like doing them I have technology!!
These are some of the great inventions that i own

.1:psp(play station portable) play station portable

2: i have 2 ps2 (play station2) ps2

3: NOKIA 3500 express music(mobile phone) nokia

4: i-pod Nano(mp3) i-pod