Sunday, February 28, 2010

22 feb

Today i have researched about screen cams and new ways of making different things, and i thought i could do that instead of starting my video because my teacher wasn't here and i need help with equipment etc. Therefore the video will be started next week, with everything up and ready to go.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Process Journal It Mr.Christodoulou

Monday 22nd February 2010.
We have started our create which means I will start my project soon. My project will be the trailer video including all three things. Lesson plan, Website design and of course the video itself. Since today we are writing our process journal I can't start my video today, therefore tomorrow I will have to start following the plan and it steps. For the past couple of weeks we have been working on many different MYP design cycle steps like Investigate and Plan and now we are heading for the last two, Create and Evaluate. Today I have also given my plan, which I have changed a little bit since I changed my main idea.
Here is my Plan, it is very unclear however it is part of It plan since it is only one part of the print screen.

This is the other part
This is the other part.

This is the other part.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Client meeting

Here is my project.
We have finished our project quite early, however we have improved our project quite alot. It might seem like a very simple and easy thing to do. It was easy but it was very frustrating to go through the complicated steps because pages I think pages is not such a good software for making projects and I found it pretty hard because the picture would move out of its place or the text would split in have or the background picture would move, it was a mess!! However we wroked together and experimented many different things to recover. I think our project is very eyecatching and colorful and i really think it will do well. We have two posters exactly the same but one with more text. This one was more an introduction to bullying than just saying statements like we did in our second poster. Also we changed the fonts which i think we did great. Well overall i thought this was a great project and i hope you use our project.
Thank you!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I have worked on a bullying poster and i think I'm finished. I think i we didn't need as much time as we needed and Pascal has helped me when i needed help. He was very useful in helping to find things and when i wanted a little rest we would swap. So thank you.

For the investigation i dont think it was to hard to find things, because we had the websites already given to us by the teacher. They came in very handy, because they had lots of information, games pictures and examples.
I don't think the design was that hard, because we made a little research on the internet on what bullying posters look like. I think we did good research, however we ended up with to much text on our original poster so we shaved some of. But still we had to much so we left that poster as bullying introduction and we made one exactly the same but with like 4 or 5 sentences. That poster was very similar to the ones we found on the internet.

-I think we worked well and fast on our poster.
-We found lots of good examples of posters to make ours good with lots of pictures.
-I think we can improve our writing, like what we have wrote on the poster.
-Next time i will get more pictures and spread them out more to make it more interesting.
- I think our plan is the same to our original poster, however we had to change all the text so overall it was exactly the same just with less text. Also that background picture was a different idea, in other words it wasn't in our plan.
-We had many difficulties on adding effects on the pictures and making them go behind the poster, that was a lot of trouble and very frustrating, but in the end i found how to put the pictures behind text by messing around with the picture. Like right clicking, inspector etc.
-I didn't get much feedback from my class because they haven't commented on my page, just like 2 comments. We tried to make a server on survey monkey, but there was no option to put a picture of our poster so people around the world could comment on it. So that let us down LOT.

It made me realize that bullying is a very important matter for kids and teenager, so now and then when i see someone bullying someone i will definately stop it. Trust me i've read to many bad things about bullying and i think other people would do this too.
I think it will help the society a lot because less kids will have less problems to deal with.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bullying poster

I have done a bullying poster with the help of Pascal. I think my poster has to much text and not enough pictures. So i made a new one similar to the first one but with less text. The reason why i put text on was because i wanted to give the person an idea about what bullying is. PLEASE comment on what poster is better.

If you have a problem reading the poster, click on the picture and it will open a new page with it in a big size.

Bullying Poster

Bullying Poster