Tuesday, May 27, 2008


For our project we chose the E-book. We said we would investigate by researching on websites that talk about this special machine. It was pretty easy to find the information about it like the price was extremely easy to find, however there were different price ranges. Also information like it doesn't waste paper and ink which was great!
The software we used was animoto and voicethread. Both systems were great, however there were some problems. With the Animoto everything was great but the problem was choosing the right music. This is because the programme didn't have so many good tracks however we tried downloading some music but it didn't work. In the end we found the right music and the video was amazingly well made so it was thumbs up! For voicethread we had a major problem we lost all our pictures when putting them into voicethread, therefore we had to find all the pictures again which took a long time, because we didn't save them in our delicious. The other problem was that the microphone wasn't working so well and it didn't work that good so we had to do all of our speeches again. In the end i think all the videos were good specially the Animoto.
Overall i think we did really well because of our information although we could have improved our voicethread.
I think for next year this would be a great project, because you have to look for the information and its really fun doing the video.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How we did our project

Our project was pretty simple. Therefore it doesn't mean it was easy. We had to make a lot of research about the E-book, like how easy it is to handle ,is it better than the other and what differences thay have. For me the most easiest was to make the Animoto because the Animoto is simple and you just have to chose the pictures and the music. The pictures were easy to find and we found more than what we needed, therefore it was achieved. However the Voicethread was pretty hard because when we tried recording our voice we either blew on the microphone or it didn't sound good so we had to experiment a little on the best sound. There was a good idea to put the Animoto into Voicethread because it makes it more exciting in the beggining. Overall i think this project was a great success and we tried our hardest.