Sunday, November 30, 2008

MYP design cycle

The MYP design cycle is a sort of system that helps you do your work certain steps. This system is very useful easy to understand because it shows you the steps of how to do your project.
It starts of at INVESTIGATE followed by PLAN, CREAT and then EVALUATE.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Information technology

Guided  Question
You can communicate when there is a disaster by going on e-mail which delivers the message very fast. For example this can inform people that there is an earthquake coming and it's an emergency, therefore you can do it really fast. However you have to be hoping that they are on the computer to see your e-mail. But there is a solution to this, there are systems such as SKYPE which you can go on the computer and call every type of phone, which solves your problem. You can also use mobile phones , but maybe you don't have signal which means the phone can't call. There are many other systems like FACEBOOK , MY SPACE, FLICKR, MSN (MESSENGER) and YAHOO. These systems help you to communicate, also they are cheaper than mobile phones.

1. Communication is very important during an emergency because there is always something going to go wrong if you don't co-operate. If you communicate you can help each other and the ones around you.

2. Mostly mobile phones and police radios. These were the most used forms, maybe computers.

3. Were the disaster started like in a certain area and were the disaster is going to strike next. You could also communicate to locate were the injured people are.

4. Were the disaster will strike and were to get shelter. You could communicate with other people and tell them the plan. You could tell were the injured people are, were are the danger zones, which buildings have collapsed etc.

5. SKYPE, MSN , FACEBOOK and my space etc. 

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Evaluation and Reflection

This term we worked on making a robot with Lego mind storms. Everything went very well, everything needed was there, the instructions were there. However there were problems, there weren't enough pieces, the programming tower didn't work sometimes and we had big problems trying to programme it. Because the programme wasn't installed for us. Therefore it made it very hard for us and we wasted to much time.
Besides that everything went well like the robot sensors, actuators, engines but the some batteries didn't work well, we had to change them many times. We can improve all this by making a lesson about checking if everything is were it all should be and if everything is fine. Like check if pieces are missing, the engines are working and most important the batteries, because if there are no batteries there is not going to be power which is very important.
In MYP terms the investigate section worked well, because i found robot rules and how they work which turned out to be very useful. We also learned about other robots like the Sony robot and Asimo and how their rules are and how they help us. The Design and Plan also worked very well, because we all had to work in a team and plan everything together. Like i said before we had trouble programming and some pieces were missing which affected our create.
Overall i think everything went ok not perfect because we had the problems which i mentioned above, but it can all improve with the things i mentioned above.

When i make a deal with Mr.Christodoulou i must keep it!!