Wednesday, March 19, 2008


  • First we collect pictures

  • Edit the pictures

  • Create animoto

  • Create lesson plan

  • Create voice thread with images and script

  • Write evaluation

This is my plan of how I am going to do my project.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The E-book could be used for English. I think every student should need one, because they are not very expensive and could help students with their home work and in class rather than just sharing. Sharing is okay but if the students need one for home it will be a problem, because they wont have the books. The E-book could add value to the lesson, because it's a new piece of technology and could help the environment by not killing trees.

If a school provides you the E-book and a teacher says read page ...... of the book...... it is very easy to control it and you can write notes and many things.
  • Can read of a machine rather than heavy books
  • Can download any book you want rather than going to a shop to buy a book
  • Can download comics and read during break time or a class(if needed)
  • You don't have to carry heavy books
  • Runs out of battery in a long time
  • It is not very expensive and you can bring to school