Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bullying poster

I have done a bullying poster with the help of Pascal. I think my poster has to much text and not enough pictures. So i made a new one similar to the first one but with less text. The reason why i put text on was because i wanted to give the person an idea about what bullying is. PLEASE comment on what poster is better.

If you have a problem reading the poster, click on the picture and it will open a new page with it in a big size.


Ilhem said...

good work nice poster

pascal P.E said...

nice lol same a mine O_o

a said...

Hi William
I came across your blog and work on bullying and thought you’d be a good person to reach out to. My name is Alison and I was a vicim of bullying when I was younger through my teens. I am now completing my Master Degree at the New School in New York City and am working a project about bullying.
I have been soliciting essays and testimonials about buying from people who are or who have been bullied. Would this be something that you or anyone that you know would want to contribute to? Would love to hear from you ... 
(a)Parents dealing with their child (or a relative) who is bullied
(b)Teachers in public or private schools who have witnessed bullying
(c)Elementary to high-school kids who have or who are currently being bullied
(d)Adults who were subjected to bullying during their elementary through high-school years
(e)Elementary to high-school kids who are the bully
(f) Adults who were the bully anytime during elementary through high-school
(g)Social workers, therapists, psychologists or guidance counselor who have dealt with bullying
(h)Parents who have lost a child to suicide from bullying
(i) Perception of self and others